Poems (4)

King of the Netherlands

"It' s okay on tv...
but you can' t return.
Your marriage is a tragedy...
but it' s not my concern!!!"


The name Moses means;
"Pulled out the water".
Somebody pulled me out
the water too!!!

Paranoid (Delusions)

Don't be sad... because they say I'm mad.
Be cool...
because they're the fool!!!

Parody on Heroes by David Bowie

"We could be Heroes... just forever!!!
I would be King and you... you are the Queen!!!"


I wanna see you again
because you’re more
beautiful than other


Today I’ve seen the most beautiful woman
on earth again!
She’s my eternal dream woman!
She lives almost next door!
Her name will be… Rose Terrible!

Sharia Council

Every mosque has a secret sharia council inside
and the imam is one of them.

The Oyster Catcher

Women are like oysters.
Only one oyster contains a pearl.
I just find that pearl!!!

YHWH says

YHWH says; “I will bless
who blesses Jack Terrible.
And I will curse
who curses Mister Terrible!!!”

Satellite of Love

"The moon is a satellite of Earth's.
Rose is the satellite of Jack Terrible.
Jack Terrible is the satellite of Rose!!!"

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