Poems (3)

A Mad Idea

According to many people
Rose doesn't exist...
Rose is a mad idea.
So I am gonna marry with
somebody who doesn't exist...
a mad idea...
into the golden coach...
the golden ark...
to the Wedding of the Lamb!!!

Any Faith

When I say that Alice Cooper is
the second coming of Christ
Christians say that Alice’s an atheist,
they are evil and
they don’t wanna talk further.
There’s any faith in Alice.
One day Alice will be The Lamb,
The Bridegroom and The King
at our Wedding!!!

Offer of Marriage

Sweet Rose (Roos de Wolf)…
do you wanna marry me
for ever?


When they beated me into coma
my phantom woman Rose got cancer.
When I turned she also healed.
When I was killed she was also died.
When they had not beaten me into a coma
my Rose had also received no cancer.
When the legs from the foster father
of my Rose were amputated
my foster mother got no feeling into her legs.
When the foster father of my Rose
was murdered my foster mother
died a cardiac arrest.
Rose and me are from each other
cause our phantom connection.


Daniel in the lions’ den.
Daniel was protected
by his Guardian Angel.
I’m protected by
my Guardian Angel too!!!


I… Jack Terrible (Hans van Tamelen)
and you… Rose Terrible (Roos de Wolf)
are both forever energized by
YHWH (Yahweh)!!!


When all the children of Israel
would lay down
their arms
tomorrow it's wiped
off the map.

When all Arabs
in the Middle East
would lay down
their arms
it's peace tomorrow!!!


Is the Dutch government my enemy?
Am I a criminal?
Don’t they know that I’m a Joker?

Joseph the Carpenter

Jesus Christ was nailed to the cross
by his stepfather,
Joseph the Carpenter,
because of the big question;
“Who’s the Father of Jesus”?


I’m born on August 26th, 1964.
When I started to tell from 1970 against everyone
that Adolf Hitler lived futher as the well-known
Albert Mol I was believed by almost no one.
Therefore at the begin of 1983 when I was
locked up in a psychiatric facility,
I was perplexed.
When I was struck there for 100 days in coma
on June 6th, 1987 by order of Albert Mol
nearly everyone told that I had taken
a suicide leap in front of a car.
Following that attack I’ve been registered
on the police station.
But… almost no one takes my story seriously.
That’s why I wanted no lawsuit.
And looked for other solutions…

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