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Jehovah's Witnesses

I'm about 25 years ago babtized as Jehovah's Witness in swimming pool
Den Hommel in Utrecht. Then I was almost thirty years. I have 5.5 years
preached in Amersfoort. I also visited all the while the Kingdom Hall in
Soesterkwartier… a district of Amersfoort. The Kingdom Hall of
Jehovah's Witnesses is a meeting room. I was all the time a resident of
Amersfoort in the Netherlands.

The 'glorious' hope of the JW's is that the world will be destroyed at
Armageddon. That millions of JW's that disaster will survive , a few
thousand bad JW's will be destroyed together with all world citizens
(non-JW's). Perhaps Jehovah God will save a few million people who
love JW's very much. And things will be carried out by the Creator,
God Jehovah, the personal Friend of all Jehovah's Witnesses. Armageddon
will begin before the year 2014 has come to its end, suggested one. Then
the JW's will make of the earth a Paradise with the help of Jehovah.

Jehovah also has an aversion and hatred to all other religions in the
world. Because these are all false religions with people who are deceived
by Satan the Devil. And you guess it; 'Only Jehovah's Witnesses are
walking on the right path, be not deceived by Satan and the Watchtower
Society is the only true religion'!?

Before they baptized me at Jehovah's Witnesses elders promised me that
when I would be attacked by another Witness the JW's would help me and
that attacker would be removed from the Holy Watchtower Society. In
other words the perfect organization of Jehovah's Witnesses. Because
the JW's are a peace-loving Nation and God's people.

Every JW's was promised eternal life on the earth. But in those 5.5 years
there died regularly Witnesses. You were constantly brainwashed with
the view that only the JW's were good, lovely and the worldly people
(non-JW's) were bad guys. That I found at one point be very irritating.
That got worse when a JW hold me at the throat on a unexpected
moment, pushed me against a wall and threatened to shatter my face
with his fist. He said that I had stepped on an expensive plant in his
garden. What an aggression!

The elders to whom I told my story said that that aggressive JW battered more
JW's. I just had to accept that. And there I wasn’t allowed to talk
about it with anyone. Because otherwise people would get a bad
impression of JW's. And I was not allowed to go to the police because
otherwise I would be removed from the Holy Organization of JW's and
I would be punished, tormented and destroyed before of during
Armageddon by Jehovah!?

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