Poems (5)


"Albert Mol,
a small moustache
and the puzzle is complete!!!"

Eternal Love

A.B. and L.K. alias Adolf and Eva the Hitchcock
alias Elijah and Samson.

H.v.T. and R.d.W. alias Jack and Rose Terrible
alias Moses and Samson.

Peter and Judas

Peter and Judas had a big dispute
to the betrayal of Jesus.
And so was Judas killed
and knotted by Peter.


In Berlin, by the wall
You were five foot ten inches tall
It was very nice
Candlelight and Dubonnet on ice

We were in a small cafe
You could hear the guitars play
It was very nice
Oh honey it was paradise

Lou Reed


The Hunchback (Crippled)
of Notre Dame (Amersfoort)
Quasimodo (Jack Terrible)
forever together with Rose,
the most beautiful Lady
on the earth!!!


This morning I saw Rose Terrible
on the bicycle.
She wore a black cape.
I thought… “Zorro!!!”


Crown Princess Beatrix asked me
a few questions and then
she anointed my head with oil
in our house when I was
seven years old.
When she anointed me
I was completely naked.
Later she became Queen
of the Netherlands.
Now she's Princess again.
I'm 53 and I'm Prophet!!!

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