Poems (2)

Race for the White House

Jack wanna be President of the U.S.A.
Jack isn't a gay.
Choose for Jack.
And not for crack.
Jack hasn't got a (first) lady yet.
But Jack is waiting like a cat.
Jack likes hubble-bubble.
And not from a life with trouble.
Give Jack your vote.
And don't miss the boat.
Jack isn't like a mad mad on money.
Jack is dreaming of an eternal honey.
Take his hand.
And walk to the promised land!!!


And the snake
will change
into a dinosaur.
And the dinosaur
will change
into a dragon.
And the dragon
will be a vegan
like he was
in former days!


There's a gigantic water
problem in Africa.
Now dig four canals
from the north
as far as the south
and from the east
as far as the west,
from the northeast
as far as the southwest,
and from the northwest
as far as the southeast.
Right across Africa.
And dig more canals
like a Spider's Web.
That will be the solution!!!


Australia has got
a great big dry area.
Now dig canals
in Australia
like a circulatory
Connect all canals
with the Sea
by a gate.
The gate of Paradise.
And the dead area
will live!!!

So mister Clark Kent
changes into Superman!

The Golden Ark

I think the Golden Ark is nowadays
the Golden Coach.
I think it is the same.


When everybody
in the world
uses the WorldCoin
as currency
it will mean the end of the
Dollar, Euro, Yuan
and other foreign money!


The death...
is like a ship
leaving the harbour
which won't return.
Goodbye, Goodbye!
You disappear
on the horizon.
What rest...
is the eternal spring.
Goodbye, Goodbye!


They couldnot win.
Those losers were like a
seperated Berlin.
East and West.
Two breasts and a chest.
A guy becomes Superman.
By the most charming woman!!!

From Bob Dylan

You are a good painter, Jack Terrible.
Try to sing much better
and your guitar play is also not very well.
I hope God will bless you
because I am a fan of you.
Greetings, Bob Dylan


Batman fights against the crime.
Batman compares South America
with the Garden of Eden.
Batman wanna make a Paradise
of South America.
Because a garden needs water.
Otherwise the sun will spoil it.
Then Batman will build houses
for everybody.
Then Batman flies away
and gonna change his clothes
into a suit with a knotted tie
and change his name
into Bruce Wayne.

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