De bijbel kent 66 boeken, bundels en brieven. Ik noem mijn eerste bundel 67. Mijn tweede bundel 68. Mijn derde bundel 69. Enzovoorts. Omdat ze het vervolg op de bijbel zijn. Here are more of my poems, please select one to read it:



Ajax is the best club.
Drink no beer but seven up.
And do not fight.
Because it isn't allright.
Be no gay.
Ajax is the way!


Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Firstly she was a muslim woman.
Secondly she became a dutch politician.
Thirdly she is a Rebel!


Hells Angels

A guy bought a motor.
He hadn't got a driving-licence.
The guy drove very, very fast.

Some other guys had a motor too.
And they drove also very, very fast.
It was just dangerous.

"they drove like Hells Angels"
Somebody tells!

But a few months later
the police came
and arrested one of them.

Another motordriver visited a pub,
got a quarrel, a fight
and a visitor stabed him dead.

"they drove like Hells Angels"
Somebody tells!


Master of Ceremony

This is Ali B.
living near the North Sea.
Ali B. is a dutch rapper,
uses salt and peper.

Ali B. is a dutch moroccan,
wham, wham, wham,
a dutch moroccan,
wham, wham, wham.

Ali B. is a young man,
wham, wham, wham,
a young man,
wham, wham, wham.


Three Laws

Firstly talk with the Creator.
Secondly look for your phantom and perfect partner.
Thirdly marry him or her for an eternity.



When everybody in the world
learns and reads and writes
and speaks the American language
it will mean the end of
the confusion of tongues!!


Eternal Twins

Man and woman with the same birthday.
Phantom Allied.
Belong exactly together.
An eternal twins.
They haven't got sin and dead.
The key of Life!!



Greenman is seeing big deserts
in North America and Asia.
Greenman wanna dig canals
right across the deserts.
When the water is running,
fish and birds will arrive,
grasses, plants and trees
will grow there.
So all kind of animals
will find a place for living.
Then Greenman will build towns
and villages.
Finally people will enter
to enjoy life!

And Greenman will be happy
because his mission
has got succeed!


The Pregnant Earth

A woman is able to bleed. For example by menstruation.
That's the way the earth is able to bleed also, namely lava by volcanos.
A woman is able to get pregnant. That's the way the earth is able to
get pregnant too, have a new life, to send people (pioneers)
by a dead volcano where runs no lava but water to move
to the bowels of the earth.
People will build there their own world. There exist already
sundries plans. The volcano Snaefels,
1883 metres above sea level, beside the glacier
Vatnajökull on Iceland looks experimental.
The bowels of the earth
looks like a worldsea with strange fish
surrounded by crystal.
You can call the creator
God, Adam or Jules Verne!!!


Oh Lord

Oh Lord, won't you give me an eternal beauty?
All my friends have got a temporal beauty.
And so they will die.

Oh Lord, won't you give me an eternal beauty?
So me and she won't die.
And all our friends are sinners.  

Oh Lord, won't you give me an eternal beauty?
Bless and protect her.
And bless and protect this eternal lover too.  

Oh Lord, won't you give me an eternal beauty?
Bless and protect all Your and our friends.
For an eternity, for an eternity, for an eternity!


Race for the White House

Jack wanna be President of the U.S.A.
Jack isn't a gay.
Choose for Jack.
And not for crack.
Jack hasn't got a (first) lady yet.
But Jack is waiting like a cat.
Jack likes hubble-bubble.
And not from a live with trouble.
Give Jack your vote.
And don't miss the boat.
Jack isn't like a mad mad on money.
Jack is dreaming of an eternal honey.
Take his hand.
And walk to the promised land!!



And the snake
will change
into a dinosaur.
And the dinosaur
will change
into a dragon.
And the dragon
will be a vegan
like he was
in former days!



There's a great waterproblem
in Africa.
Now dig two canals,
from the North
as far as the South,
and from the East
as far as the West.
Right across Africa.
And dig more canals
like a Spider's web.
That will be the solution!!!



Australia has got
a great big dry area.
Now dig canals
in Australia
like a circulatory
Connect all canals
with the Sea
by a gate.
The gate of Paradise.
And the dead area
will live!!

So mister Clark Kent
changes in Superman!


The Golden Ark

I think the Golden Ark is nowadays
the Golden Coach.
I think it is the same.



When everybody
in the world
uses the WorldCoin
as currency
it will mean the end of the
Dollar, Euro, Yuan
and other foreign money!



The death...
is like a ship
leaving the harbour
which won't return.

Goodbye, Goodbye!

You disappear
on the horizon.
What rest...
is the eternal spring.

Goodbye, Goodbye!



They couldnot win.
Those losers were like a
seperated Berlin.

East and West.
Two breasts and a chest.

A guy becomes Superman.
By the most charming woman!!


From Bob Dylan

You are a good painter, Jack Terrible.
Try to sing much better
and your guitar play is also not very well.
I hope God will bless you
because I am a fan of you.

Greetings, Bob Dylan